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Product Announcement

After more than a year in development, Staticraft Ltd. is pleased to announce the Model EGT1000 Engine Generator Transfer switch control system. The Model EGT1000 is specifically designed as a field upgrade for the original EGT4/5/600 series. It is capable of providing almost all of the features of the EGT1500 at less than half the cost. Microprocessor controlled and highly integrated, the Model EGT1000 has many new features that could not be implemented in the original EGT400 design.

All setpoints and programming can be done from the keypad on the EGT1000. For operators who have access to a personal computer Staticraft Ltd. offers a software package called QwickSet to interact with the EGT1000. This package is supplied on request, free of charge, to customers who order the serial communication option.

In these current difficult economic times it seems everyone is expected to accomplish more with fewer personnel. We feel the EGT1000 can make a significant contribution in this regard. With extensive remote control, monitoring and data acquisition capabilities it is frequently possible to substantially reduce the number of trips to remote sites. Some customers have estimated payback periods as short as six months due to the savings in the travel costs alone.

Of Particular Interest for TRANSPORT CANADA applications:
The original EGT400 was designed to meet Transport Canada specifications. At that time (late 1970’s), if the generator set startup was initiated it was required to complete the entire sequence i.e., transfer load to generator and after the normal supply returned, transfer back TDEN minutes, then run the engine at no load for TDCD minutes to cool down. This was required even though the normal supply may have experienced only a five second interruption.

Current thinking and specifications (CSA C-282) permit restoration of normal supply if the interruption is so short that the generator set is not yet available.

In the EGT1000, the runup sequence is user programmable to meet either requirement.