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EGT Models

DATACRAFT Software Version 3.0


  • Provides central control and monitoring of a network of sites equipped with Staticraft Ltd. controllers
  • Automatically polls remote sites at specified intervals and downloads specified data
  • Call intervals, dates and times are user specified
  • Automatically answers calls placed by remote unit and downloads selected data
  • Permits interactive interrogation of remote units including the downloading of current and archive data
  • All data records received from controller can be viewed on screen, sent to the printer, or logged to a file
  • Provides full remote control of controllers including operation and access to all internal parameters such as time delays, security pass numbers , etc.
  • Provides access to all engine generator and site parameters monitored by the controller
  • 4 level security system based on user name and password
  • Exports archive data in ASCII and SDF file formats to facilitate data analysis, forecasting, maintenance scheduling, etc.
  • Logs all events in file which can be viewed, printed or exported
  • Supports serial communicationn at 300, 1200, 2400 and 9600 bps
  • Up to 250 sites can be monitored


  • Completely menu driven
    Eliminates obscure commands and syntaxes
    Extensive documentation supplied


  • Requires no custom hardware
    Runs on any PC of AT class or better
    Uses popular Hayes compatible modem
    Communicates over standard phone lines


  • Hard disk (at least 30Mb)
  • Floppy drive
  • Color monitor
  • 640 Kb RAM (minimum)
  • 1 – RS232 serial port
  • 1 – Hayes compatible modem
  • 1 – Parallel port and printer

NOTE – Each remote site requires a modem. Suitable modems and power supplies are available from Staticraft Ltd.