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EGT Models

Model EGT1000

The Model EGT1000 is a microprocessor controlled unit designed to be a field upgrade for the existing EGT4/5/600 controllers. An upgrade requires no field wiring!

It may also be used with the EGTP or EGTP66 power module for new installations.


  • microprocessor controlled
  • front panel is same physical size as EGT4/5/600/1500 controllers
  • RS-232C serial port with full modem control
  • 80 character liquid crystal display
  • multifunction keypad
  • real time clock
  • nonvolatile memory for parameter storage
  • precision voltage and frequency sensing
  • digital entry of analogue channel and time delay setpoints


  • Simple keypad provides access to all controller functions
  • Analogue channel and all time delay setpoints are entered digitally from the keypad, eliminating all potentiometers from the system. This simplifies the operation of the unit, and increases the system reliability and durability.
  • Eighty character liquid crystal display provides AC metering and system information at a glance
  • Help screens included in English and French


  • Extremely accurate sensing and metering
  • Voltage and frequency sensors are provided for both Normal and Emergency supplies
  • Sensor and metering accuracy is as follows:
    • Voltage Sensors: 1%
    • Frequency sensors: 0.2%
    • AC metering: 1%
    • DC metering: 1%


  • Easily configured to suit a wide variety of applications
  • Can easily emulate EGT4/5/600 control
  • On generator startup, the system can be programmed to go full cycle OR abort the cycle if the Normal supply returns within limits before the generator accepts the load
  • Speed sensing can be derived from the generator frequency OR magnetic pickup
  • Energize to run (ETR) or energize to stop (ETS) fuel control
  • Accepts external switches that open or close on fault
  • Can be used with the following AC systems:
    • 1 phase / 3 wire
    • 3 phase / 3 wire
    • 3 phase / 4 wire
  • Analogue channels incorporate unique scaling system allowing EGT1000 to be used with AC systems ranging from 115/230 VAC to 2400/4160 VAC
  • Voltage and frequency sensors allow inverse time response OR fixed hysteresis


  • Equipped with RS-232C serial port
  • Provides full modem control using Hayes AT command set
  • Ideal for applications requiring remote data acquisition
  • Can be programmed to initiate phone call on occurence of specific events
  • Able to communicate with DOS based personal computer either locally or remotely over conventional telephone lines
  • Internal data buffers store Normal and Emergency supply data at specific intervals, allowing a chronological record of controller operation to be downloaded via the serial port
  • Capable of transmitting live data also


  • Annunciation can be English or French
  • Multilevel security system
  • Can be remotely controlled via serial port
  • Real time clock for date stamping of stored data
  • Transfer failure detection
  • CYCLE BLOCK detection and lockout
  • In phase detector and digital synchroscope
  • 15 user adjustable time delays
  • Programmable design allows 1 set of spares to be shared among various sites, regardless of generator phases or voltage
  • No site wiring required for upgrades; the EGT1000 simply plugs into the EGT400 power module!


  • Cycle Crank
  • Time Delay Anticipated Failure
  • Time Delay Engine Start
  • Time Delay Warm Up
  • Time Delay Dead Bus
  • Time Delay Cool Down
  • Remote Reset
  • Lamp Test
  • Serial Communications
  • Operation Counter for Normal transfer switch
  • Operation Counter for Emergency transfer switch
  • Engine start counter
  • Elapsed time meter for engine
  • Elapsed time meter for system
  • Exercise timer for automatic plant exercise