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EGT Models

Model EGTTP Terminal Panel

The EGTTP is a small auxiliary terminal panel for use with the EGT1000 controller.

This panel provides a separate magnetic pickup input and three extra switch inputs.

Magnetic pickup input

An input is provided to accept a signal from a magnetic pickup mounted on the engine flywheel housing. The pickup (supplied by others) is connected to terminals 1 and 2 (2 is ground). The pickup must provide a minimum 600mv (rms) signal. The maximum signal should not exceed 30 Vrms. The input is filtered to respond to signals ranging from 300 to 7000 Hz. The pickup wiring should be a twisted pair and the ground lead should be connected directly to terminal 2.

Switch inputs

There are three switch inputs. To activate an input, simply ground the relevant input terminal to battery negative. The inputs are normally used in conjunction with external switches which are supplied by others. switch function is determined by EGT1000 logic. Connecting the input terminals to battery positive will not damage the unit.

This unit requires a plastic mounting track (MODEL PM-MT4).