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EGT Models

Model EGTEP Expansion Panel

The Model EGTEP expansion panel is an extension panel for the EGT1000 system. It provides one magnetic pickup input, three temperature inputs, a battery voltage sensor and a spare analog input which can provide a variety of functions. Eight switch inputs and four relay outputs are also supplied.
The EGTEP is connected to the EGT1000 via a 25 conductor cable with a DB25S socket mating with connector J4 at the EGT1000 controller end and a DB25P at the EGTEP end. The expansion panel can be powered from an 8 – 30VDC supply, making it suitable for 12 or 24VDCsystems. The unit requires a plastic mounting track such as the PM-MT.

Pressure transducers (MODEL EGTEPO) and temperature transducers (MODEL EGTEPT) need to be ordered separately if required.