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EC300 Models

Model PM-AGEN Analogue Generator Module

The Model PM-AGEN is the generator analogue module. The address of the PM-AGEN module is fixed at C1. It can only be connected to the PM-AENG module. If any additional analogue slave (PM-AS08) modules are used in the EC300 system, they must be connected to an analogue engine (PM-AENG) module also. Additional analogue channels are connected by means of the analogue bus connector.


  • Designed specifically to provide metering and protection for AC generators
  • Fixed address C1. Only one module of this type may be used in each system
  • 8 analogue input channels
  • May be used on 12 or 24 VDC nominal systems
  • 2 20 pin connectors for connecting other I/O modules


  • Simply snap in place and connect required inputs and outputs


  • Easily configured to suit a wide variety of applications


  • All modules in the PM system are the same size. They may be physically arranged in the enclsure to suit the application


  • 3 AC Voltages, up to 220 VAC
  • 3 AC Currents, 0 – 5 AAC
  • 1 frequency output suitable for connecting to the PM-POW module
  • Suitable for 50 HZ or 60 HZ systems
    2 spare analogue channels at 0 – 5
  • VDC for general control use


  • Power required is 12 – 24 VDC supplied typically by the engine start battery


  • Each module is 3.2″W x 12″L
  • Mounting is by means of an extrusion moulded plastic track. No tools are required to install or remove